NautikFlor Marine Interior Flooring - Teak, American Cherry and Beech Holly

Regular price $198.00

NautikFlor is a fully waterproof synthetic interior decking material with a nautical marine look perfect for the boating world, or for residential and commercial buildings looking for that “boat look”.

Teak with Beech Holly strips in-between has become a favourite in the marine industry providing a medium darkness timber with the lightness of the white strip.  NautikFlor beautifully replicates this standard, or allows you to select a black filler strip to darken the look of the floor an make it stand out less.

 The American Cherry and white or black strip NautikFlor is a great choice if you have cherry already on the inside of your vessel or are after a slightly reddish tinge in the wood, and want the strips to really give a nautical look to your floor.

The product is sold by the square meter.  

Samples are also available to allow you to see the product prior to purchase. 

Please contact us for option of installation.