Adhesive to bond Synthetic Teak Deck to Fibreglass/Gelcoat/Aluminium

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Fix3 is a high quality high strength single component specialist adhesive sealant, suitable for adhering Flexiteek, composite PVC based marine deck system, Stazo Marine deck 2000 and other cork decks such as Aquadeck. Fix3 is suitable for bonding to substrates such as, fibreglass, aluminium, steel, concrete ceramic tiles and most other common substrates. Fix3 is suitable for exterior and interior finish wipes.


  • -  Primerless adhesion on most substrates (except Teflon, PE and PP)

  • -  Excellent UV resistance and colour fast

  • -  Very good gap filling capabilities

  • -  Neutral cure, suitable for stone

  • -  Excellent stability, suitable for marine


  • -  Superior weather resistance up to 20 years

  • -  Permanently elastic

Note on Paintability:

Note: The contents contained in this documentation are the result of our experiments and our experienceand have been submitted in good faith. Because of the diversity of the materials and substrates and the real number of possible applications which are out of our control we cannot accept any responsibility for the results obtained. In every case it is recommended to carry out preliminary experiments and compatibility tests.

Paint, varnish and other coatings do not adhere to Fix3. Be sure to thoroughly clean any surrounding surfaces that are to be painted with a good industrial alcohol cleaner to remove any contaminants that may cause “Fish Eye”!.

Test surfaces before painting.


Fix3 is suitable for bonding Flexiteek, PVC composite, cork and other decking materials. Once fully cured, an elastic non-shrink adhesive layer is formed, which is resistant to moisture and heat. Fix3 has excellent adhesion to most common substrates within the marine, transport and construction industries.


Colour – Teak
Packaging – 600mL foil sausage.


Shelf life:

12 months from date of production; In unopened packaging stored in a cool and dry place a t temperatures between +5°C and +23°.

State of substrate surfaces:

To be made clean, dry, free of dust, grease and any loose particles.
Porous surfaces: For some porous substrates Fixseal Epoxy Sealer may be applied or a good quality epoxy sealer. Timber and porous surfaces can be precleaned with acetone (wait till dry) before applying Fixseal Epoxy Sealer.

Non Porous surfaces: substrates may be pre cleaned with a good quality industrial alcohol; change cleaning cloths frequently whilst cleaning

Polypropylene; Primer PR20 is recommend. Pre wipe down of all substrates with an industrial alcohol cleaner, abrade with a “Green or Red” scotch brite pad scourer abrade the surfaces , remove dust or debris and clean again with industrial alcohol then apply PR20.

We recommend compatability tests before any application.

Method: Manual or pneumatic caulking gun, direct from the foil sausage
Application temperature: +4°C to +40°C
Clean up tools: Clean tools with industrial alcohol before curing, mechanical removal after curing

Tooling: Mild diluted soapy solution with clean fresh water before skin formation.

Joint Dimensions:

Full surface bonding
Minimum tooth comb 2mm Minimum thickness 0.5mm Minimum wipe thickness 0.5mm

Health- and Safety Recommendation:

Apply the usual industrial hygiene. Wear gloves . Safety Glasses. Volitile compound released during curing, ensure adequate ventilation


Fix3 can not be overpainted
Fix3 is chemically neutral (pH=7)
Fix3 can be applied to a wide variety of

substrates. Due to the fact that the specific properties of substrates will differ from manufacturer to manufacturer we strongly recommend compatibility test.

. Cleaning of teak decks: see also separate instruction sheet “Teak Deck Cleaning Guide” We recommend cleaning the deck with (salt) water and a scourer pad. The scourer should be used across the direction of the teak strokes. After the cleaning we recommend to flush the deck with fresh or salt water. We strictly do not recommend the use of detergents, cleaners and other chemicals as they might effect the caulk in the deck.